Kwik Fit apprentices developing their skills on a brake rig at one of the company's training academies

Kwik Fit announces plans to recruit more than 300 apprentices in 2022

Kwik Fit's apprenticeship programme is ranked as Outstanding by Ofsted.

Kwik Fit, the UK’s largest automotive repair and servicing company, is marking National Apprenticeship Week by announcing plans to expand its apprenticeship scheme and recruit more than 300 apprentices in 2022. Throughout the week beginning February 7 Kwik Fit will also be featuring current apprentices on its social media channels, enabling them to share their own experiences of the apprenticeship programme and why they opted for an automotive career.

Kwik Fit is the leading provider of automotive apprenticeships in the UK, with its programme ranked as Outstanding by Ofsted.  Over 4,000 people have started their automotive careers on a Kwik Fit apprenticeship, with many progressing to a wide range of senior roles, both within Kwik Fit and with other companies in the sector.

In recent years Kwik Fit has offered between 150-200 apprenticeships per year, but during the next twelve months the company is seeking to recruit over 300 new apprentices who are keen to follow these varied career paths.  Kwik Fit apprenticeships provide routes into both management and technical careers.

In 2017, the government introduced apprenticeship reforms with the objective of providing standards which are more relevant to the needs of the modern economy than the previous frameworks.  

Paul Binks, group people director at Kwik Fit, said: “Like in many industries, the skills and knowledge required in the automotive sector are changing rapidly.  As the apprentices of today will become the leaders of the business in the future it is vital that the foundation of their learning keeps pace with the needs of the market.  One obvious example is the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads.  We need to ensure we have the technicians to service them and so our apprentices get a grounding in EVs as part of their programme.”

Jack Wakeman from Telford joined Kwik Fit as an apprentice and last year received the apprentice of the year award from the industry body, the National Tyre Distributors Association. He is now a supervisor in the company’s Shrewsbury centre.  He said: “I’ve loved cars since I was small and when I left school, I didn’t want to go to Uni but found an apprenticeship in something l was passionate about.  The Kwik Fit programme was perfect, and I loved it from day one. There is lots of opportunity to progress and that’s my goal – to keep learning and move up the ladder. I’m really grateful to my managers and everyone who supported me in my apprenticeship, and I want to be able to help the next generation in the future.”

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