The 2022 Audi e-tron GT

Audi e-tron GT (2022) Review

Ian Lamming lives his blockbuster dream in the new Audi e-tron GT.

IT’S enough to make me grow a goatee and shave my sideburns to a point and I can’t say that about many cars.

But then not many cars take a starring role in a Hollywood Blockbuster sci-fi extravaganza and fewer still are the chosen steed of Iron Man, aka Tony Stark.

Audi’s e-tron GT does all of the above and by the wonders of engineering has transferred from the silver screen to the road.

"It is blisteringly quick off the mark"

Yes, you too can drive an all-electric sports saloon, as long as you have £80k to £135K to spend.

This particular model is the GT Vorsprung Quattro, weighing in with a few extras at £110,900. For me that makes e-tron a super car but with the added practicalities of decent boot, four doors and five seats.

Let’s make no bones about it, GT is a stunner. As one observer noted: “It looks fast even standing still.” And parked up in various car parks it attracted attention like a movie star. I could feel the ’burns sharpening and the goatee sprouting as I chatted to all concerned.

This is no ordinary car from any point of view, inside, outside or to drive. It’s no coincidence that the e-tron GT is built alongside the legendary Audi R8 at the Böllinger Höfe facility in Germany.

Take a look at its lines; the dropped nose, the wide stance, four blistered wheel-arches, and huge cooling vents in the wings. The solid grille and slim LEDs, the curvaceous rear with integral spoiler that rises majestically, automatically, only when required, it is gorgeous from any angle. Long, low, wide, futuristic, definitely the stuff of a Marvel Universe.

Audi's e-tron GT is a stunner on the outside, but how about inside?

Inside is equally impressive. Sit in the wonderfully supportive leather sports seats and look around. The curved glass roof stretches from end to end allowing the maximum amount of light in to illuminate the cabin. Thanks to hi-tech wizardry the fascia is staringly minimalist as most functions are courtesy of the large touch-screen, though there are some buttons too.

The virtual dash, controls and touch-screen are excellent, the screen boasting haptics to offer that extra feel and a reassuring click. Even the most ardent technophobe can operate myriad functions, it is so intuitive and the infotainment centre is comprehensive to say the least.

Does it drive as good as it looks?

The e-tron GT will blow your mind. The electric motor offers a maximum power output of 530PS which is so instant it is incredible. It is blisteringly quick off the mark and across its range right up to its governed top speed of 152mph. The benchmark 62mph is achieved in just 4.1 seconds and the midrange, where you need power the most to overtake, is breath-takingly strong. It’s like riding a motorbike, you just never seem to get stuck behind traffic because it can overtake so easily, so effectively, so safely. Astounding, making the e-tron a very rapid car over long distances.

Drive at the legal limits, even at 70mph, and it doesn’t eat the battery charge like many other BEVs, which drop alarmingly, counting down with an inevitability that provokes range anxiety. Turn everything off, including the climate control, and maximum range shown on the dash seems to be around 250. Switch on the heating and this instantly drops by around 20, but now I know where I can charge the Audi I never really worry about the range. I’ve given up trying to do the long commute on a single charge as this stops me enjoying the ride. So have fun, plug in when you get there and again once you are back at home. That way 250 is more than enough for the day.

The performance is staggering, even more so as there is no accompanying noise, which takes e-tron from eery at first to welcome once you realise that you are never tired at journey’s end.

The suspension is short-travel which places it on the side of firm but it masks the bumps well so it is never uncomfortable., There is the now legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive, grippy wide rubber and sharp steering so drivers will love the overall dynamics of e-tron, it’s a joy through the bends.

Audi’s e-tron GT is living the dream not only because it looks so good and is magnificent to drive but it also allows you to think that you could be in movies. Now where did I leave my beard trimmer, Tony?