To modify or not to modify?

Have you ever been walking along the street when you see an extravagant, even outrageous, car, think you recognise it, but can’t figure out what it actually is?

You take a quick photo and scour the internet to no avail trying to find what the mysterious vehicle is. But then you face disappointment when you actually discover that it’s a Vauxhall from the 1990s with a brash body kit or radical paint job. It’s hard not to feel cheated that a youngster has tricked you, a self-proclaimed world’s best car spotter, with some cheap wings covering the growing rust on the wheel arch.

But don’t be too harsh as this is a way of life for a small majority of young drivers who can’t afford the flashy Italian cars but want a car they see as good looking and sporty. Personally, I don’t see it, but who am I to criticise them, as all they want is a car that looks good and is affordable.

Perhaps more annoying are the people who add ridiculous exhaust systems in an attempt to create a cacophony akin to a Lamborghini or a motorbike. Now they deserve society’s wrath – as do the buyers of genuine supercars who still feel the need to bling their machines to oblivion.

What can only be seen as greed is also disrespectful to designers who have spent years perfecting the look only for it to be destroyed by those lacking taste. While extravagant paint jobs are fine, dressing up cars like Christmas trees isn’t and such modifications should be left in the PlayStation.

Peter Gartland