Rolls-Royce the definition of luxury

The definition of pure luxury in a motor vehicle, Rolls-Royce. Swarovski crystals sewn into the roof lining, Rolls-Royce. Unique design for the customers’ needs, Rolls-Royce.

When a Rolls-Royce drives past everyone stops and stares; it may as well be the law. You feel drawn to it as if a supernatural force pulls you in. That is what attracts the likes of Simon Cowell, who is driven, but never drives, in one of these masterpieces.

What makes them a masterpiece though? Well, firstly, it is human nature to love something that is unique, something no one else can have, something perfect for you. And I don’t mean you can tick a box to get heated rear seats (they come as standard). I am talking about diamonds, hand painted decors and even having your favourite colour named after you!

You also have the choice of four spectacular Rollers.

The phantom, described as ‘unmistakably Rolls-Royce’, is the quintessential limousine, the choice of the aforesaid Mr Cowell. This giant offers the highest possible luxury available in a car. If it is not enough luxury you can plump for the extended wheelbase version to squeeze in even more comforts.

And for even more headroom still, why not get the drophead which offers ‘romantic open-top motoring’.

The Ghost, the Phantom’s baby brother, has been described as the poor man’s Phantom. but I wouldn’t describe £250,000 as cheap. The story behind the Ghost is that it is for someone who requires the luxury of the Phantom without standing out so much. The extended wheelbase kind of defeats this point, but oh well…

The Wraith, while remaining at the height of luxury, is the Rolls for someone who likes a bit of excitement in life. They even make a sport version which they named ‘Black Badge’ (very un-Rolls-Royce). This is basically the perfect grand tourer with power, style and drama.

The final model is the Dawn, basically a convertible model of the Wraith. Rolls-Royce says in this model you can ‘reawaken your senses’, explore and discover the world. I made a mistake earlier on, this must surely be the perfect grand tourer.


Peter Gartland