Poles Apart

David and Goliath, Jekyll and Hyde, Cayenne and G-wiz…polar opposites.

David substantial, Hyde remorseless, the Cayenne both. Goliath over-looked, Jekyll innocent, the G-wiz similarly.

In this quiet London street the Cayenne looms over the G-wiz, teasing its size and feebleness; how its puny electric engine is no match for a mighty V8 and how its price tag doesn’t leave people feeling unworthy.

However, the plates of wheels don’t quiver but stand strong, determined not to give in. It cajoles the Cayenne about how it is killing the world it lives in, laughs at the imminent extinction of its kind.

A stale mate occurs, causing a site rare to see, two direct opposites face to face as the world watches on, not for who wins the battle, but for who wins the war – fossil fuel or electricity?


Peter Gartland