Peugeot 3008

Peugeot used to be a name associated with cool, sporty hatchbacks which every teenager (and wannabe teenager) wanted in the 205 GTi 1.9, which has cult status among hot hatch fans.

After a period in the doldrums they are again becoming the car of choice and the 3008 is the perfect example.

Even looking at the exterior you can tell that Peugeot is really trying to make this car a luxury item with dynamic edges and bold features. The use of LED lights front and rear and chrome strips covering the car makes it look like a worthy competitor for the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

This continues inside as well. The ‘i-cockpit’ is as cool as it sounds with no dials, just a digital screen. On this, the dials dance around at your command, beautifully displaying every piece of information you could need at the touch of a button. This is coupled with a brilliant, in every sense of the word, central screen which completes the i-cockpit experience.

It isn’t only the digital technology which makes the 3008 a luxury vehicle, there are metal switches to control the screen which Audi would be proud of and none of that cheap plastic, which creeps into cars to give owners nightmares, in sight or touching distance.

All of this results in a car which leads the way demonstrates how an SUV should be built. Its unique design also shows how Peugeot is moving forward, forgetting the lack lustre years and showing it can make a car which teenagers and their parents desire rather than just need.

Peter Gartland