Fiat Abarth

All car lovers will agree that it is the little things, the things that most people would think are irrelevant and a waste of money, that make a car special.

Things like a flat bottom steering wheel or a lap timer make the difference for the people who really appreciate cars.

If you are one of these people then you would love the Abarth 595 which, of course, has a flat bottom steering wheel and can even have a lap timer. Don’t worry though, there’s more.

If you go for the new Trofeo model then you get the deafening Dual Mode Monza Exhaust System with four tailpipes! Maybe not the best if you want to leave the house without waking the whole street, but great otherwise. It also comes with beautiful matte black wheels which wouldn’t look out of place on a Lamborghini.

It starts to get ridiculous (amazing for car lovers) when you upgrade to the Turismo. It may look the same on the outside, but this car really is about the little things, the intricacies that make you smile. For example, the fuel filler cap is crafted from alloy rather than a boring piece of plastic. It’s the same story under the bonnet. Here, there is another alloy oil filler cap and a brilliant red engine cover with the Abarth scorpion laying on top – a suitable crowning glory for such an amazing engine.

This aforementioned engine, in the Competizione, along with a turbocharger produces 180bhp. This may not sound like a ridiculous amount until you remember this is a car that weighs barely over 1,000kg (less than an original Mini). This means that it reaches 60mph in just 6.7 seconds and keeps going until 140mph.

This incredible speed is relayed to the driver by an equally incredible dial which wouldn’t look out of place in an Audi R8 or even the Starship Enterprise. Abarth owners find a high res TFT screen that comes to life when the key is turned and sits alongside the central 7 inch screen which displays a very cool animation of a garage opening with the Abarth inside.

But Abarth is Fiat’s resident tuner so, of course, sitting proudly on the dashboard is a button labelled sport. Pressing this not only increases throttle response and tightens up the steering but it transforms the dials and adds a G-meter instead of the MPG. It also lights up ‘sport’ on the Turbo boost gauge (this really is Ferrari territory).

These features are what make the Abarth the perfect vehicle for any car enthusiast and considerably better than any car for similar money.

Fiat Abarth

Posted by Ian Lamming on Thursday, 29 June 2017


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