Tributo Ferrari

Everyone knows what a Ferrari is. You may not have any interest in cars, you may not even know which pedal the accelerator is, but you will still have heard of the name Ferrari. This makes the cars with the prancing horse very special. So when a car is named ‘Speciale’ it is going to be something extraordinary.

Most would say Ferraris are special because they are magnificent to behold and, especially in this case, I can’t disagree. A black wing that only the Italian’s would be flamboyant enough to add and, of course, the racing stripe add unique touches to the car making it very ‘speciale’. As does the engine, a masterpiece to hear, as if it was orchestrated by John Williams for the latest blockbuster, when it starts up and echoes through the tight London streets in which it prowls. On these streets, Bentleys and Porsches move aside, as if the Ferrari is the lord and they are the servants.

When it parks up it is instantly surrounded by admirers, cameras in hand, all giddy with excitement and barging each other aside to get the best shot before the 597bhp – let’s just say 600 – engine is once again unleashed and shoots away into the distance. However, it will never go unnoticed for long whilst it wears that badge.

Peter Gartland