Caught out by the snow?

Snow has fallen in the UK. This only means one thing: nothing works anymore, most importantly cars. People woke to see their cars coated in snow with no chance of moving, and if they do they slide around on the ice and end up getting stuck every five minutes. Our tiny Abarth falls into the former group of cars as it sits on the drive currently redundant which got me thinking, why are so many cars so rubbish in the snow? It is 2018, we are sending rockets to mars and making autonomous cars that render us redundant yet the majority of cars are left inoperative when the cold, white stuff appears.

The reality is actually slightly different. There are cars that are left unaffected by the snow. We are fortunate enough to also have the use of a, admittedly now obsolete but still fab, Skoda Yeti 4×4 that works as if it is just a normal day. So why doesn’t everyone aim to own one of these cars? If you’re in the market for a new car most budgets could stretch to having an all-wheel drive option.

The Dacia Duster represents the best of the budget off-roaders with the base model costing a very reasonable sub £10k. Although this may not give you 4-wheel drive you do get higher ground clearance and chunkier tyres than a normal car which can make a big difference in the snow.

If you are able to pay a little bit more the amount of options start to increase. For £31,000 you can get a top of the range VW T-Roc which not only brings 4-wheel drive but also luxuries found in more expensive cars like wireless charging and digital dials. The T-Roc, in my opinion, is especially good looking, more so than the Audi or BMW equivalents, so it shouldn’t look out of place whether you are doing a little mud-plugging or within the city limits.

Talking of the Germans, it’s when you look at the cars from these companies that’s when the money really starts to increase. A BMW X6 – the most expensive car in their X-series – aims to bring the practicality of an off-roader with the luxury features found in the, as expensive, 6 series. It is also a main rival of the Range Rover – the masters when it comes to this sector of the market. Whilst ownership is beyond the means of most of us, Range Rovers aren’t just made for Premier League footballers as they come with a lot of complex technology which has the sole purpose of making the car better when the ground underneath isn’t tarmac, meaning it is actually an extremely capable off roader – definitely capable of the school run in the snow. Obviously, you still get the luxuriousness but you also get speed, especially when you spend over £110,000 as the 0-60mph sprint can be despatched in an impressive 5.1 seconds. Overall the Range Rover seems to tick all the boxes. So, you how could you get better, why would you need to spend more? Bentley seem to have an answer.

The Bentley Bentayga costs £161,000 and this money wasn’t spent on its looks, so what justifies such a high price tag? Well firstly it goes from 0-60mph in just 4.1 seconds whilst having a typically Bentley luxurious interior which, if your bank account contains enough 0’s, could basically be customised to your wishes. It is also supposedly as good at off-roading as the Range Rover but I just can’t get over the looks though, which stand out but for all the wrong reasons. That is where Lamborghini comes in. As you could guess, the Lamborghini Urus, like every other Lambo, is stunning to look at and offers everything its rivals do, bettering even the Bentley when it comes to speed (0-60mph in 3.6 seconds!). However, this all comes at even more of a cost with it to cost around £200,000 when it is released later this year.

It is quite amazing how this sector of motoring has progressed so quickly- it was only a few years ago that Clarkson and co were ridiculing the BMW X-series’ for trying to be too many things and now it is becoming one of the most popular type of cars they sell. So maybe, nobody has an excuse for being caught out by the snow?