A SUPER car is built to go very fast around a track. A hypercar is built to reach incredible top speeds. Sport cars are built to drive on winding country roads. City cars are built to conquer traffic and tight turns. Grand Tourers are built to cruise along the motorway. The 4×4 is built to go anywhere.

SUVs remove restrictions that other cars bring (ever seen a Lamborghini try to go over a speed bump? Never mind over rocks…) Most people that own a 4×4 will never use its full capabilities but that is beside the point. The fact is that it can.

Companies such as Bentley, Porsche and BMW have even tried to make their 4x4s comparable to super cars. The Porsche Cayenne gets to 60mph in just 4.1 seconds and keeps going to 176mph whilst being able to get you to work in the snow. So why doesn’t everyone own one? Well the Porsche costs a mind-boggling £118,000; that’s perilously close to Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren money which are certainly more special than what is basically a family car.

However, don’t fear if you don’t have a six-figure budget. Companies such as Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi make more affordable 4x4s that are made to be practical and usable anywhere, whether that be a city or the great outdoors. These versatile cars can be used for anything from the school run or a serious off-road trek. They are also useful when it snows (if it snows in England) allowing us to solider on where two wheel drivers would struggle. It is basically the Swiss army knife of cars.

So why doesn’t everyone own one if these cars (a Dacia Duster only costs 9K)? Well, that’s what I can’t understand either.


Peter Gartland