Too Much Power

BMW have their M division, Audi have their RS Branch, and Mercedes have the AMG wing. All of these separate sections of fairly mainstream German car manufacturers are in place to provide a more exciting driving experience for somebody who wants that bit more from their daily. However, until today the British have not yet had a true slice of that special automotive pie.

Today that changes. A few months ago Jaguar announced their new super-special branch, called Special Vehicle Operations, and cars like the Range Rover Sport SVR, Range Rover Autobiography SV, and Jaguar F-Type Project 7 were released to the world. The entire ethos of this division is to provide the ‘halo’ cars that car collectors will undoubtedly buy in eagerness, and enthusiasts can purchase if they want the best product of Jaguar.

However, arguably the greatest achievement of SVO is the brand-new F-Type SVR that’s blessed with the well-known and brilliant 5.0 Litre Supercharged V8 but with 600bhp.

I’m yet to see one but expect extended aerodynamics, a whole host of new carbon fibre parts, and a fixed rear wing. In addition, it is very likely that the regular F-Type will have gone on a diet in order to make way for the new, lighter, and more agile SVR variant, with a handful of comfort-orientated features being removed. These changes will all be really rather exciting to see in the flesh, if only because the current F-Type R Coupe is such an untamed beast already and it’s quite impossible to understand how on earth they can make it more thrilling.

Some will have the mindset that these changes have gone too far and the F-Type will become too powerful and hardcore for its own good. In some ways, I can understand where they are coming from, because it is all too easy to make a car with huge amounts of power but that cannot actually get it down onto the road effectively. You see, if you give a car more power and stiffen the suspension you run the risk of ruining the car in terms of ride quality and reducing the tractability of it.

However, the whole point of the F-Type SVR is that it is the greatest thing Jaguar can make at the moment and is a celebration of the V8 engine that will have soon vanished and be replaced by smaller ones. I also like that Jaguar engineer their cars in their own unique way, as I get a sense that many of the German manufacturers just copy each other’s ideas.

Therefore, we should view this brilliantly mad model as a triumph for Britain and the internal combustion engine, and, besides, if you desire slightly less power you can always go for the V6.


Jamie Moffatt