The Geneva Motorshow

Visitors to this year’s Geneva show must have felt slightly disappointed when they walked up to some of the most widely anticipated car reveals of the year only to witness a re-designed headlight or a re-sculpted rear end.

This is the reality of yearly motor shows. A few years go by where nothing changes very much and then, all of a sudden, one year will be absolutely crazy, with all sorts of new, exciting model releases and brand new designs.

This year wasn’t one of those. I don’t mean to disappoint you though; any trip to the Geneva show is a special one. As per usual, we had an extensive collection of frankly ridiculous concept and tuner cars including the new final Aston Martin Valkyrie concept and a range of mad offerings from Mansory, Brabus, and Gemballa. Concept cars are pretty pointless of course, but it wouldn’t be a proper motor show without them.

Tuner cars are an interesting prospect; on the surface they seem like ordinary cars completely ruined by plastering copious quantities of ridiculous carbon fibre on them, with idiotic amounts of glitter. The thing is, if you delve into the details you gain an understanding for the passion, effort, and engineering which these brands undoubtedly provide in spades, and you can actually appreciate all the changes.

Let’s be honest though, anybody who drives one of these through the centre of Barnard Castle would look as out of place as a duck in Death Valley. No, we should all leave these to Middle-Eastern rich folk who have so much money they stay awake at night worrying about not spending enough.

In reality, a Mercedes Sprinter with a body crafted from granite, a twelve mile-to-the-gallon fuel tank, and an interior made from snake-skin is not what most petrol-heads are worried about.

What we are worried about though, or rather excited about, are the new spread of supercar and hypercar releases from the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Pagani, and McLaren.

Now, I don’t propose to go through each of these one by one, but I think it is worth saying that what McLaren are doing in 2017 is actually scary compared to everyone else. I don’t at all mean to put down any of the other manufacturer’s, because it’s absolutely true that I am a fan of pretty much all of them, and I think any motoring journalist would be impressed by the vast majority of them. However, whilst everyone else has been changing a headlight here or there, chopping off a roof, changing a wheel, sticking a new screen to the dashboard, and increasing horsepower, McLaren has introduced a brand new car crafted from the ground up. It’s called the 720S and it will be the singularly most impressive car of 2017. Mark my words.

 Jamie Moffatt