Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder – Pure pleasure

Ian Lamming discovers that all can be well with the world in a Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder.

Frivolous, that’s the only word for it, but so very welcome in a world dominated by doom and disaster.

In an ever-increasing moribund society, exacerbated by a depressingly negative media, it is only right that someone fights back and there’s no better way to do that than from behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracán Evo. Like I said, frivolous, but necessary to keep the yin in balance with the yang.

So it is with light heart and beaming grin that the driver’s seat is occupied by this tester and as the soft-top roof is removed to reveal a bright blue Yorkshire sky all is well with at least my world.

There is little to be said that can justify this monumental car so I will not even try. As a practical means of transport or an eco-vehicle it may struggle but, when it comes to ownership, those who can will, because they can.

It’s a bit like art. There is little to rationalise covering walls with expensive canvases when a tin of Dulux would quite easily do the job. But then life is for living not just existing so hang the art and hang the sensitive.

Only the fortunate few will be able to afford the 240K price tag of course but that’s not to say the Huracán cannot give pleasure to all.

People hear it approaching, look and stare at its magnificent lines – it’s supposed to mimic the hexagonal form of a carbon atom you know – and smile their approval rather than sneer their resentment. As a car it is so far beyond them that they can’t even dream and as such feel privileged to be in its esteemed company for as long as this lasts.

The luckier ones are allowed the chance to sit on its hallowed throne and even encouraged to unsheathe the fighter-style red guard to get to the starter button. One dab of this unleashes a snarling, spitting, shouting 5.2 V10 but rather than be offended by its guttural chant people smile impressed by the symphonic harmony it emits.

Granted the two horses in the village fail to appreciate the music and it is prudent to stop and switch the motor off while they clip clop by, with appreciative smiles coming from both lady riders at the awareness and empathy being shown.

Out of earshot, there’s the opportunity to use the cool starter button again and EVO is on its way. Plying the Yorkshire Dales roads in a 640hp supercar might have its frustrations as very little of the 202mph potential can be used. Traffic is slow and being wide and low, overtaking in the Spyder isn’t something that can be achieved with ease. Strangely, that’s not a problem as the Lamborghini is perfectly happy bowling along with the flow, relaxed, unhurried, growling, revelling in the attention it undoubtedly draws.

Also, unexpectedly, Evo is incredibly easy to drive. You would expect such a thoroughbred to be flighty, chomping at the bit, hard to rein in, but it’s not. The throttle response is controlled and measured leaving the driver master of the hunt. The steering has feel but is not too weighty and the gearbox is a peach whether you allow it to do its job automatically or intervene with the paddleshifts.

Ride is amazingly forgiving, handling exceptional and all-wheel-drive grip immense. There is nothing intimidating about the drive at all and you could use it to get to the shops.

When the mood takes you Huracán is a beast and liberal use of the throttle leaves the world in its wake, the fabric of reality stretched to oblivion. Expect 60mph to be reached in three seconds so you can’t enjoy that particular ride for too long. Just ask the man in the white car behind me at the lights, filming me on his camera…oh. Sorry officer.

Inside the cabin driver and passenger get swathes of metal, carbon fibre, Alcantara and leather and it is a joyous place to be. Hi-tech comes in the form of virtual dash and central touchscreen, hexagonal style cues, cool switches and levers. Look at that steering wheel, all chunky and flat-bottomed, with a shiny red button to change the driver modes from blistering to ballistic. It is stalkless too, the indicators are operated using a switch on the wheel as are the windscreen wipers.

Evo is a car that brings joy to the heart, a smile to the lips and music to the ears, particularly in troubled times. In so many ways it makes no sense at all but then many of the most precious things of life seldom do. Frivolous, yes, but fantastic for it.

Fact File

Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder

Engine: 5.2 litre V10

Power: 640HP

0-60mph: 3.1secs

Top speed: 202mph

Combined MPG: 20.2

Transmission: seven-speed auto

CO2 g/km: 320

Price: £238,000.00 …