Kia XCeed – XCeeds expectations

Ian Lamming spends a day in the office in the latest Kia XCeed.

I’M in the car; where else when Tier 3 has closed off every makeshift office ever used.

Takeaway service has sated the old coffee addiction but from the 8.30am school drop off to the 5pm collection, if anyone asks, I’m in the car.

With time to dwell, think and mull life over, I realise there must be some nomad in the blood because I am happy enough. I know where to park for the view but also where I can pick up mobile signal and 4G, so I can hotspot my phone and work as well as I do in an office – better in fact as I’m less distracted.

This particular afternoon I’m in the midst of a squall and the Kia XCeed is being rocked on its suspension as the weather front passes through driving rain into the side windows in dramatic fashion.

I’m well togged up against the cold, because it is cold and not having the engine running for ecological reasons means there is no heat from the climate control, or the heated seats, or the heated steering wheel. The hat on my head is doing a fine job of keeping a lid on body warmth, as is the Berghaus down jacket. But I wish I’d brought a blanket for my legs – a nice plaid would look fetching and age-appropriate – and perhaps a hot water bottle for my feet, which are  freezing.

Otherwise, there’s no better place to be – while it’s light. The XCeed’s leather seats are very comfortable and perfect from preventing curvature of the spine and the cosy cockpit is well shaped for me to rest my MacBook against the steering wheel and prop my notebook on the transmission tunnel.

The excellent JBL radio will run for a while but then shuts off to stop the music draining the battery too much. Drinking water bottles are a short stretch away to keep me hydrated and when the cold becomes too much I start up the XCeed, crank up the heating and go in search of a loo. It’s a good lifestyle is car working, particularly when the vehicle is as good as Kia’s new XCeed.

This particular crossover mixes rural SUV with urban cool and standing on large alloys and with sexy body mouldings really does look the part, especially from the back.

The rump is very pretty with a crease line just below the bottom of the rear window, which doubles as a spoiler and two exhaust ports moulded into the alloy-look rear bash plate.

Inside is a real treat too, particularly when you are in it for eight hours a day. The virtual dash boasts excellent graphics and is easy to use as it offers a host of information at the press of a button on the steering wheel.

The centre console and, in fact, the whole interior is wonderfully tactile thanks to the highest quality, soft-touch materials and switches.

Tech is in abundance too with easy to use touchscreen connectivity. But, thankfully, primary functions are on proper controls.

XCeed has a large boot, higher driving position than a hatch and off-roader looks but is much more fun and manageable, dynamic and agile to drive.

The 1.4 litre turbo is deceptively quick, even quicker still when you press the ‘sport button’ which also changes the virtual dash to give you a bigger rev counter. The only slight issue is economy. I only managed to scrape into the low 40s twice.

But then it uses no petrol at all when you are parked up for eight hours or so waiting for your son to come out of school and it is an excellent place in which to work.

Fact File

Kia Xceed 1.4 T-GDi First Edition

Engine: 1.4 petrol turbo

Power: 138HP

0-62mph: 9.2 secs

Top speed: 124mph

Combined MPG: 40.4

Transmission: seven-speed auto

CO2 g/km: 159

Price: £29,525.00

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