Subaru XV – A great escape

Ian Lamming plans his escape from a failing society in the latest Subaru XV.

OH NO, life is going all dystopic again as we fail in our task to social distance and move inexorably towards another lockdown.

Thing is, this time, I’m not sure people will be so obliging and I can see trouble on the streets as nanny state becomes benevolent dictator and people aren’t having any of it.

Cue lawlessness, a breakdown in civilisation and the need to fend for oneself. It’s going to be Mad Max, you see if it isn’t, but that’s okay because I’ve already chosen my post-apocalyptic motor.

In times of trouble, conflict, mayhem and strife you are going to need a car with certain qualities and, for me, the Subaru XV has those and is now even better because it’s gone all hybrid on us.

E-Boxer now features a 2.0 horizontally-opposed petrol engine with an electric motor. The switch between the two is seamless and it’s fun trying to tell which is powering you forward as the petrol motor is pretty smooth and quiet as it is.

What you get is the quick pick up and extra smooth torque of an electric – brilliant for maximising traction at low speeds on slippery conditions – with the high speed oomph of a 2.0 litre petrol. When needed, they both work together but ultimately are kinder on your pocket. I saw 40+mpg on a long run. Just the thing to sneak through the Zombie-infested suburbs and power away from the biker gangs.

The symmetrical all-wheel drive also ensures you have maximum grip to push and pull XV quickly through the bends or get across the rough and tricky terrain if you have to flee into the bush.

It is equipped with EyeSight driver assist technology and Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection as standard so no being rammed off the road by the lawless.

A lithium-ion battery unit mounted within the boot floor allows for pure-electric driving at speeds of up to 25mph. The heavy electric motor is placed near the vehicle’s centre of gravity and the battery is positioned above the rear axle which plants the car on the road giving noticeable handling improvements and achieving a balanced weight distribution.

It looks like a car but built with 220mm of ground clearance, permanent symmetrical all-wheel drive and X-Mode, it will tackle the most extreme weather and road conditions. E-Boxer also combines impressive traction with a 1270kg towing capacity so you will be able to load it up with as many provisions as you will need to survive the hordes and still have some room for the armaments.

As you escape, EyeSight driver assist technology functions optically using two stereo cameras which are mounted either side of the rear-view mirror. It monitors for hazards up to 110 metres ahead and includes: adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, pre-collision throttle management, lane sway and departure warning, lane keep assist and lead vehicle start alert. 

Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection identifies vehicles approaching from the rear. It offers three main functions to improve visibility and to help minimise common causes for accidents: blind spot monitoring, lane change assist and rear cross traffic alert.

New Subaru is recognisably XV but benefits from a new front grille design with active grille shutter and the new low-profile roof rails have an aerodynamic design. The exterior has received other discreet upgrades including a new fog lamp bezel which surrounds the LED fog lights, the rear spoiler end plate is finished in gloss black and an e-Boxer badge has been added to the wings and tailgate.

Well specified, XV features keyless entry and push button start system, LED headlights equipped with high beam assist, privacy glass on the rear windows and 18” alloy wheels standard across the range. 

Intuitive 8″ multifunction colour touchscreen is easy to use and contains Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, DAB radio and Bluetooth® connectivity. Dual zone air-conditioning, reversing camera and heated seats are also standard and on the SE Premium you also get leather seats, eight-way power adjustable driver seat, satellite navigation and sunroof.

XV e-Boxer is available in nine colours – I wonder if that includes gloomy black or COVID camouflage. Fingers crossed that we see the social distancing light and don’t head into another lockdown. But if we do then I’m jumping into a Subaru XV.

Fact File

Subaru XV

Engine: 2.0 direct injection petrol boxer

Power: 150PS

0-60mph: 10.7 secs

Top speed: 120mph

Combined fuel consumption: 35.7

Transmission: 7-spd Lineartronic

CO2: 149g/km

Price: from £33,665.00 o

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