Peugeot 508SW – It’s a looker

Ian Lamming attracts even more attention in the new Peugeot 508SW.

PITY. Genuine pity. That’s what I feel for those people who looked and immediately fell in love with the new Peugeot 508.

I can’t blame them. Who could resist its stunning lines, its smouldering looks, its spirited dynamics.

To be fair, they probably weren’t to know that an even better looking 508 was in the shadows, until it emerged in its estate form.

Now is it just me or does the SW – for station or sports wagon – have just a touch of Ferrari about it; the GTC LussoT to be precise. No matter, that debate is for another time. Save to say that it is a looker.

Parking up in the supermarket car park another vehicle pulls alongside. The window drops and the driver shouts over: “What a fantastic looking car.” Followed by: “Oh, I might have known it would be you.” It’s my friend Nick, a fellow Peugeot driver, and he more than approves of the SW.

Who wouldn’t. It shares the glorious front end of the saloon, brazenly coupe-esque, sloping, sweeping, bulging in-all-the-right-places.

The grille is bold, the airdam deep, the lights are slim but bright, with signature LEDs to enhance the front end further.

Wheel-arches flare to house large alloys as the lines sweep back to a cracking estate car rear end, a derriere that not only appears super-stylish but offers even more storage and practicality. Look and try not to weep 508 owners.

Inside is just the same, ‘iCockpit’, the stupendous dashboard featuring some of the best graphics ever; tiny, tactile chunky sports steering wheel; stumpy automatic gearlever which engages forward and rearward motion; gorgeous fascia boasting beautiful piano key switches, which sit below the useful touchscreen infotainment set up. It’s the best interior of the moment.

That very fact, and the way the SW drives, comes in to its own when you are tired and the commute home is 80 miles in the dark. It cossets and keeps your interest so the love of driving the Peugeot more than stops you dropping off behind the wheel – useful that if you value life as I do.

The motor is strong – whether you opt for turbo petrol or diesel – and the handling is peerless. It is such a pleasure to drive, it really is.

So put away your handkerchief 508 drivers, things really aren’t so bad in the hatchback – they are just a little better in the SW.

Fact file

Peugeot 508SW GT Line BlueHDi 160 EAT8

Engine: 2.0 diesel

Power: 160hp

0-62mph 8.4 secs

Top speed: 143mph

Combined MPG: 51.4

Transmission: eight speed automatic

CO2 g/km: 120

Price: £31,094.00

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