DS5 – Diverse Equality

Ian Lamming is delighted by the latest .

NOT all diesels are equal, it seems, even when they come from the same country.

Both are French, both are 2.0 and both turn out around 180hp. Why then does the miles-per-gallon read-out differ by 20 per gallon when the driver, and hence the driving style, and the terrain remain the same? That’s 33 versus 53mpg making one untenable, the other much-welcome.

DS5, thankfully, is the latter and a prime example of what is required if the humble oil burner is to survive the global-warming downer it is having to endure. I don’t know what will happen, that’s down to the legislators and fiscal authorities, but unless they can prove more economical than petrol they are doomed.

DS5 features the BlueHDi 180; it’s got blue in the title so it must be kind to the air and ice caps. More important is its blend of refinement, usable power and great economy – wear a mask if you are worried about the particulates.

DS5 attracts attention for two reasons, the first being the badge. “What is it?” ask friends and passers-by. “It’s a posh Citroen,” I reply. And it is and very nice too.

Being a boy of the sixties and weened on Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett and Joe 90 (Google them if you are too young to know better), DS5 could have quite easily emerged from the Gerry Anderson garage of design. It’s sort of 21st century but designed last Millennium, if you get what I mean.

I love it; its armoured car/rescue vehicle lines, its military hardware cockpit, complete with glass escape hatch above driver’s head, its over-sized 19in alloys. Definitely the stuff of motorshow concept stands.

Its carapace lines give it beetle shell rigidity. A giant could stamp on this car and the only damage would be to his foot. That helps make the DS taut, sharp and a lover of twisty roads, especially with that motor and the slick automatic box.

But it also loves the motorways – who doesn’t? Oh yeh, me – and DS5 proves the perfect companion on a long haul south and back, chomping through the miles with alacrity, sipping at the juice, the body and bones sinking into luscious leather seats only to be greeted by an electric back massager –ahh, I could sit here forever!

But I won’t because I’m home early, partly because the DS5 has eaten the journey, mainly as I haven’t had to stop for fuel. Like I said, not all diesels are equal and the DS5’s is one of the best.


Fact file

DS5 Performance Line Blue HDi 180

Engine: 2.0 turbo diesel

Power: 180hp

0-62mph 9.2 secs

Top speed: 137mph

Combined MPG: 62.8

Transmission: six speed auto

CO2 g/km: 117

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