Infiniti Q60 – Discerning Taste

Ian Lamming drives the latest sleek coupe from Infiniti.

SOMETIMES it’s nice to treat yourself, whether that’s foie gras instead of fish and chips, M&S instead of Morrison’s or the cinema rather than Corrie.

It’s the same with test cars of course. There is a steady diet of worthies to chomp through and I’m happy to do this with gusto.

But occasionally it is nice to push the boat out and get behind the wheel of something a tad more exotic.

Infiniti is happy to oblige serving up the treats on this occasion in the form of the new Q60S, a super-sleek coupe that packs a bang.

I didn’t realise just how much until I saw the 3.0t on the wing. Given the long daily commute I endure my heart did sink a bit. The 2.0t would have been fine – 211PS and 41mpg.

The 3.0 adds another litre, two more cylinders, twin turbos and 405PS – gulp! That could be costly. But then I flicked through the trip computer to the MPG readout and it was glowing a heart warming 30.

Now, while that might not stop the ice caps melting it is impressive because the Q60 is a genuine sports car in a lovely curvaceous body.

This thing will potter with the best and cruise with the laidback, but it will also scorch with the dragsters. Benchmark 60mph comes up in less than five seconds and the twin turbos always ensure that there are deep reserves of pure grunt for overtaking. Q60 is a seriously swift motor.

The Infiniti is also extremely refined and sophisticated, plush with an upmarket feel. Inside is swathed in leather, boasts an appealing twin touchscreen dashboard and attractive hi-tech clocks.

In fact, Q60 drips technology in so many areas there is not the word count here to describe them all. Suspension and steering are digitised and feel different. Ride is spoilt slightly by run flat tyres and the fly-by-wire steering lacks feel until you get used to it. But there is all wheel drive for increased traction and the ability to get the considerable power down.

The biggest treat of all is the look. Q60 is a stunner from any angle that can’t fail to appeal to the tastes of any discerning driver.


Fact file

Infiniti Q60S 3.0t Sport Tech

Engine: 3.0 litre twin turbo petrol

Power: 405PS

0-62mph: 5.0

Top speed: 155mph

Combined miles per gallon: 30.1

Transmission: seven-speed auto AWD

CO2 g/km: 208

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