Life on the Edge

Ian Lamming trusts his senses as he drives the latest SUV from Ford.


LYING just beneath the surface, suppressed by a sense of civilization and contemporary sophistication, is a sixth sense.

It’s that unfathomable awareness that sums up and informs you within seconds whether you like or dislike the person you have just met.

It’s that moment when you cross the threshold of a new house and it has you reaching for the cheque book or the front door. It’s an epiphany that helps bosses hire or fire. It is primordial, it is undefinable, but it is there.

It’s the same with a new car. Within seconds of looking at Ford’s new Edge, the thought struck home, ‘yet another SUV’. What was unexpected but very welcome was the fact that it had barely turned a wheel before its obvious talents shone through, slapping your senses like a fish in the face.

Really, within yards of the forecourt, in fact the car pack had not even been cleared, and the Edge was impressing hugely.

It is hard to describe what sets aside a great car from an also ran. They all come with similar DNA of bodies, suspensions and engines yet some, more than others, feel just right.

The Edge is one of those. It simply feels ‘together’. It is taut and precise, controlled and confident. The ride is peerless, as is the very positive steering, the suspension firm yet compliant. It sits on the road in a self-assured way and feels athletic, strong and purposeful.

When you do finally get under way the diesel is strong and smooth with deep reserves of lusty power that propel you quickly to the legal limits, without fuss, where it sits with a whisper to transport you wherever the fancy takes, off-piste if you like thanks to clever all wheel drive.

Edge being the latest, benefits from all the newest technology, connectivity and touch screen gadgetry. But old fashioned attributes still come to the fore – it’s big with loads of room to transport people and their gubbins.

Given that we live in an age dominated by microchips and digital devices, we still manage to pack plenty of paraphernalia as we go about our daily lives. No problem with this cavernous SUV.

SUVs are now officially the most popular type of vehicle knocking into t second place the ubiquitous hatchback. The Ford needed to be good to compete and it is, successfully battering the senses with all of its many talents.


Ford Edge

Engine: 2.0 twin turbo diesel

Power: 210PS

Top speed: 131mph

0-62mph: 9.4 secs

Combined miles per gallon: 48.7

Transmission: Automatic

CO2 g/km: 149

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